Being and becoming

Visual art classes for high school learners and adults in the Helderberg area.

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"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." - Pablo Picasso

At Kaleidoscope  we value each student that walk through the doors. Every person is a complex being with a rich inner life and unique voice that they bring to the world. Everyone has a treasure inside of them worth celebrating through the creative expression of Visual Art.

Kaleidocope strives to create a space where students feel at home. A space where they can have fun and create without abandon.  A space where we can celebrate victories and failures. A space to learn and to be.


Our mission at Kaleidoscope is to provide quality Visual Arts teaching that nurtures the creative individual and that promotes mastery of technical skill as well as concept development and freedom to explore.

At Kaleidoscope we focus on three areas of development:

1. Up skill - Laying down the foundation when learning a visual language. At Kaleidoscope ample opportunity will be given to equip students with technical skills by doing skill based exercises in various different mediums. The focus will be on learning the formal elements of art (Line, shape, composition, form, pattern, colour, composition etc.) The aim is to add to the students's technical skill tool kit in order to apply these skills in creative ways when making their artworks.

2. Concept development - Each terms project will be based on a theme. The theme will be explored with an introduction to art history (Appropriate to the student's ages), students can keep a personal art source journal, mind maps, word associations and brain storm sessions. The teacher will facilitate these problem solving techniques so that the students can develop to their own ideas for their term projects.

3. The artwork - During the term the students will plan and make their final artwork. The skill based exercises and sketchbook (Concept development) will aid in the process of making the artwork. The Gr 8-9 students will follow a more guided curriculum. Each term will be focused on a specific medium for their final work and the skill based exercises aimed at developing this medium. For the Gr 10 - 12 students, certain skills, techniques and mediums will be taught during the term, but it is the student's decision in what medium they want to make the final artwork.

The inspiration behind the curriculum

Kaleidoscope Art Learning Centre's curriculum is based on an adapted CAPS curriculum framework. The content is from art books, teacher guides and various online resources. The teaching strategy is a scaffolding approach in order to teach skills to anyone no matter where they are on their art journey.

Benefits for the student